About Me

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil and telling stories since I could form a coherent sentence. Everything I write, I want to draw, and everything I’m drawing tells me a story as it unfolds on paper. I love illustrating books and roleplaying games and working on my graphic novel, Castle Whatsitsname.

You could call me a fantasy artist, but I’m not just in this for the dragons. Or the werewolves, the demons, the post-apocalyptic warriors… I draw other worlds because a twisted reflection of reality can sometimes tell us more about humanity than reality can.

I owe a lot to the artists, writers, and creative people who have inspired me and made geekdom what it is today. Neil Gaiman, Bill Watterson, Jim Henson, Brian Froud, Tracy Butler, and Ursula Vernon are just a few of my idols, and if my work has even a fraction of their depth and ingenuity, I’ll be thrilled.

By day, I design graphics and webs and illustrate books. By night, I draw stuff and pretend to be other people in roleplaying games with my partner. Living in Colorado with our dog Gremlin keeps us both sane.

Relatively speaking.

Kira Woodmansee

Latest Project:

The world’s best drinking-themed comedy roleplaying game is rising from the dead! Learn how a few nutcases and I decided to finish our friend’s RPG after he passed.