From the Sketchblog​…

HalfSparkle's Guide to Dealing with Really Painful Shit

From the Sketchblog​…

Guide to Dealing with Really Painful Shit

In the fall of 2019, I endured one of the most excruciating depressions I have ever known. In the course of a couple of weeks, my entire framework for relating to other people imploded. I began to question everything about myself and my relationships and developed an extremely complicated 12-step suicide plan that I thankfully never carried out.

For two months, I rarely got a full night’s sleep. I would wake around 2 a.m. with my mind churning, pour a drink, and write until either enough alcohol kicked in to put me back to sleep or I ran out of thoughts to process. Sometimes I sketched my thoughts, using a stubby little hyena avatar to remind myself of the self-care techniques I so desperately needed.

I survived those long nights and finally began putting myself back together in January. Those insomnia sketches became this comic, which moved many of my friends so much that I’m offering the high-resolution file for you to print at home, for free.*

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