From the Sketchblog​…


From the Sketchblog​…

Sennefer the Former Gifted Kid Paladin

I’ve never been tempted to play a paladin before. They’re bound by such tight moral codes that they never seemed like they’d be much fun to roleplay, especially since the people I tend to game with are the sort who ask questions like “do I have time to remove this corpse’s teeth?” I mean, who wants to be the goody-two-shoes raining on your party’s jewelry-making parade?

But I was that goody-two-shoes a lifetime ago, one of the many Gifted Kids of the 80’s and 90’s who turned into Just Another Human when they got out into the real world, where SAT scores mean fuckall. Like so many Former Gifted Kids, I’m a neurotic workaholic who equates her self-worth with productivity and over-sacrifices for other people because she doesn’t believe her own needs are as valid. Thank the gods for roleplaying games.

Sennefer here spent his whole youth training to be a paladin when his heart wasn’t in it. He’ll begin the game as a 2nd-level paladin/1st-level bard. I don’t know where we’ll end up going together, but I look forward to the journey. RPGs have helped me sort out soooooooo much of my own internal life.

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