We Did It! Tales from The Floating Vagabond is Published!

Tales from the Floating Vagabond: a drinking-themed comedy roleplaying game

We Did It! Tales from The Floating Vagabond is Published!

When my friend Lee Garvin passed away suddenly, he left behind an unfinished Kickstarter game. Three of his friends and I managed to get our hands on the work he had completed, and many, many thousands of hours later, we published the second edition of Tales from The Floating Vagabond on DriveThruRPG!

In 2019, when I told Lee’s other friends that “sure, I can lay out an entire RPG sourcebook myself and create all the graphics we’re missing,” what I actually meant was “I know InDesign and have no sense of my own limitations.” Four years of dedicated volunteer work later, I can safely say that not only do I know InDesign, I also know how to design a 150+ page book, start a business, write in someone else’s voice, and lead a team of remote creatives across the finish line. I also know that if I stay awake for 30 hours at a stretch doing all that, I will pay for it later.

But I have no regrets save one: that Lee never got to see the finished book. All the time and effort we volunteered was worth it to get the book into the hands of some 500 Kickstarter backers just before Christmas. And I loved working on this game, because I got to do everything I’m good at – graphic design, web design, illustration, organizing – as well as learn new things along the way, like write comedy.

Learn more at floatingvagabondrpg.com!