From the Sketchblog​…

We're Gay, Expect Tieflings

From the Sketchblog​…

We’re Gay. Expect Tieflings.

My newest D&D party travels on a flying ship, and none of the players wanted to play a captain, so the DM put out a short survey where we could all vote on the NPC captain’s race, gender, and bits of background. Maybe LGBTQ+ people are a minority of the U.S. population, but at least half of my game family has an alphabet in the soup, so no one was really surprised that we voted for a tiefling captain. During the first session, we worked out more of Captain Phaelia’s personality, and someone made the connection with Captain Amelia of Treasure Planet. I started drawing.

I wasn’t really aware of the connection between tieflings and the gay community until a few years ago. I prefer rules-lite, story-focused games, so I’ve spent a lot of my RPG time in the World of Darkness, Fate, and Powered by the Apocalypse systems. But I also loved Disney’s Gargoyles when I was a kid, so embracing tieflings was only natural. The dirty queer monsterfucker in me recognizes the dirty queer monsterfucker in you.

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